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Welcome to Helen Doron International

Welcome to Helen Doron International
Dear parents
I am delighted to welcome you to Helen Doron International. Helen Doron International is the realization of my dream of a better future for children: a future that gives children a stress-free education that also challenges their intellect and greatly develops their potential.

As such, our curriculum, based on the unique Helen Doron methodology, is carefully designed to support optimal learning and brain development. As children learn, their brains develop neural pathways - the connections between their brain cells. The more these pathways are used, the stronger they become. By repeatedly and regularly using these pathways, children construct a foundation for learning that continues way beyond kindergarten and gives them knowledge that will last a lifetime.

At Helen Doron International, my dream comes to life, as we provide a stress-free, happy, stimulating, challenging, fun, delightful, musical education for young children. Our children have the very best in English education with the best courses and a wonderful methodology that we have been using successfully for over 30 years. They learn English like a mother tongue, and do so in an effortless manner.

Our mathematics classes show children maths in the real world and they learn how to write this in symbolic forms in their workbooks. They also learn science in a similar manner, with fun experiments that help them understand the role of science in their daily lives.

Beyond feeding our children’s minds, we also offer Ready Steady Move!, our language through movement course featuring Pilates, yoga, and dance. Building on our belief in the power of music, children also enjoy Multi-Music, with songs in seven languages and activities that sensitize students to language structure, intonation, and the phonology of the different languages at a very young age. Multi-Music contributes significantly to brain development and lays the foundation for learning these languages in the future. And of course, we serve wholesome and tasty organic plant-based nutrition to keep up our children’s bodies healthy and their minds focused.

These courses, and so much more, are all here at Helen Doron International. Here your children receive a well-rounded education that nurtures both their bodies and minds.

The investment you are making in your children today has a profound effect on their tomorrow. Research strongly indicates that job satisfaction and future earning potential is directly impacted by the quality of kindergarten education. We are here to make sure that your children’s daily life is fun and happy with a curriculum that will serve them well in the future.

Thank you for choosing Helen Doron International.

Helen Doron
CEO of Helen Doron Educational Group

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About Helen Doron Educational Group “To provide educational excellence, enjoyment and creativity through unique and
effective methodologies and materials to benefit children everywhere.”

The Helen Doron Educational Group began in 1985 as a small home-based business. Since then, the company has become an international leader in children’s English education, with over 800 Learning Centres and Kindergartens in 35 countries.

Nearly two million children of all ages have benefited thanks to Helen Doron’s unique pedagogic methodology and educational materials. The methodologies for all Helen Doron Educational Group trace their origins to her unique English as aforeign language (EFL)
methodology which allows children as young as three months to
learn English just like they learn their mother tongue–through
repeated hearing and positive reinforcement.

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